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Latest from the Blog

24. Family

Hito stared at the crater, his jaw falling open. He had defeated the Lord of the Lost, the ruler of the Labyrinth—and his own master. Now he remembered how it had been under him: luring lost souls to feed his master’s hunger, ensnaring them in the depths of the Labyrinth as surely as if they […]

23. Master and Apprentice

From out in the darkness, Hito heard something whoosh through the air, but before he could react it hammered into the side of his head and knocked him to the ground. “Hito!” Ren cried, and rushed toward him. “Now, now,” the Lord of the Lost teased. “We can’t have you interfering, can we, my dear?” […]

22. The Final Maze

The gray stone of the tower’s outer walls twisted up in a jumble of arrows, maze-like trenches, spiderwebs, trees, tunnels, waves, dunes, and so many other designs it made Hito’s head spin. There were etchings of paved roads and flowing rivers, of winding trails and lost caverns, curling over and into each other as if […]

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