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17. A Murder of Crows

The portal hadn’t taken them home; that much was clear. Hito and Ren landed hard on their hands and knees. Beneath them lay red stone, covered in a thin layer of coarse red dust. Hot, dry air grated in Hito’s nose and mouth as he breathed. On each side of them lay steep, rocky cliffs, […]

16. The Rivières

Hito dove and tackled Ren as the knife closed in. Her hair trailed behind her, and the blade sliced through it, scattering the severed locks into the wind. Thudding to the ground, their bodies sent up a cloud of flower petals as the knife flew past them and plunged into a tree with a meaty […]

15. Hanami

They emerged in spring, and the cherry blossoms were in bloom. The branches of countless trees hung with soft pink sakura petals, mingling with the gentle blue of the sky above. Long tendrils of puffy white clouds snaked unnaturally over the sky, like a giant serpent with a body of white smoke. Beyond the trees, […]

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